The Observatory

post-cyberpunk observations of post-postmodern life

I was there when they came for The Pirate Bay. Specifically, I was outside the courtroom for the trial, but also there for the protests before, during, and after the trial. In hindsight, the trial against TPB clearly marked the beginning of the end of an era on the Internet, the one I grew up in. Though, like in most times, that was not obvious to us who lived it. In a sense, the era still lives in a stumbling, zombified form, as can be seen by going to one of TPB's porn-and-malware-laden mirrors.


In this post I discuss identity and uncertainty, coming out, and the strategic problems with working inside identity politics trough a personal experience and the recent debate about Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria. Content Warning: mention of transphobia, discrimination against LGBT people, and gender dysphoria.


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